Inspirational Quote

I hope everyone is having as good of a weekend as I am!

It has been BUSY, BUSY!

I thought I would post an inspirational quote today–to get you thinking.

I made this one, but saw the original on Pinterest.

I think I am going to print this out and put it on my desk.



To Do DIY Project List

As soon as graduation rolls around and I have time to actually do things, I plan on working on DIY projects.

Here are some on Pinterest that I have found and are on my To Do list:

Sunburst Mirror (using Paint Sticks)

{via Censational Girl}

Wrap Bracelet

{via Make it and Fake it}

Rope Lamp

{via Sew Dang Cute Crafts}

Ring Display Case

{via Tea Rose Home}


Maybe I could do the wrap bracelet this weekend? Its not like I will be writing papers and preparing for tests and oh yeah…FINALS!

We will see.

What I Wore

Nothing very exciting today except that it is the middle of the week which means Friday is almost here.

Here is a picture of what I wore today:

{Top,  Jeans, and Necklace all from Forever21}

I hope everyone has something to look forward to this weekend.


What a weekend! It was very eventful to say the least!

One purchase I made this weekend was this candle

Its Illume Pineapple Cilantro which smells oh so amazing! After checking their website now I want to buy the diffuser set so that my whole room will smell this amazing!

Aside from purchasing a candle, I went to the LSU Softball game to support “Strikeout Ovarian Cancer” on Saturday and Sunday was my birthday crawfish boil with some family and close friends. The crawfish was amazing of course (thanks to Austin–master crawfish boiler) and it was such a beautiful day!

What did you do this weekend?

What I Wore

Well, yesterday was the most fabulous day, not just because it was my birthday. I celebrated with all of my friends and after last night, I can say with certainty that I am one lucky girl–I am blessed to have so many friends who love me and care about me! Thank you to all of my amazing friends (you know who you are!) for making my birthday so special!

Here’s what I wore today

Hopefully this weekend will be nice and relaxing!


Well today is my birthday!

And here is a little bit of my birthday thus far in pictures…

I got cupcakes from my best friends last night (Thanks Cori & Lani)

Austin took me to go see the Hunger Games (finally)! It was as good as I had expected! So glad we finally got to see it!

This morning Austin and I went to go purchase these babies:

Then he took me to lunch at The Chimes and I got (of course) Crawfish Etouffee

After lunch, Austin dropped me off at the house and I came home to this (thank you so much Cori!)

and these fun accessories that I will be wearing tonight


This is what I have been wearing all day

As you can see I am sporting my DIY Necklace, new (but old) J. Crew shorts, and my new green sandals!


Now I am off to go have dinner with my family and later I will be celebrating with all of my friends!

Hope everyone is having as fabulous day as I am!