Tiger Stadium

A and I had dinner tonight and decided to go look at the recently new “Tiger Stadium” lights and snap a few pictures.

Here is one of my favorite ones.

Makes me proud to be a Tiger!




Oh yeah, Happy HUMP Day!


Before & After

I got this decorative bowl at GW yesterday.


Not to shabby for 99 cents. But it could use some sprucing up. So I gave it a coat (of Krylon Metallic Brilliant Silver) of spray paint.


It looks so much better now don’t you think?


Garden Stools

This weekend while running errands with one of my best friends I spotted this beauty:

Oh it was so gorgeous. And BLUE!

And the best part…it was only $50! So naturally I had to buy it.

Well today I saw this on Z Gallerie’s website:

{Z Gallerie}

The only difference is that the one from Z Gallerie is $140 and I only paid $50!

Graduation is in 2 short months so I am trying to accumulate furniture and accent pieces for this imaginary apartment/home I will live in after graduation when I have a big girl job.

School work is calling my name!

Lilly Pulitzer

In this CRAZY HECTIC INSANE week (by far the most stressful one in my life thus far) I’ve found some inspiring quotes and gifts I wanted to share with you all…


my birthday is coming up… any takers?? haha

AMEN! Life is like a party, so you better dress like it!

enjoy the ride…


Is any one else having a stressful week like me??